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Top 10 most read farming and food stories of 2016

As 2016 draws to a close we’d like to thank our growing community of farmers, food artisans, writers, photographers and everyone else that helps make Indie Farmer what is is.

Here are our top ten most read farming and food stories from 2016 (in case you missed them first time round) and we look forward to seeing you all in 2017 (for those of you attending ORFC on the 4th and 5th Jan – come and visit our small magazine stand in the exhibitors area)..

1. A Beginners guide to No Dig Gardening

Fancy giving No Dig Gardening or No Till smaller scale Farming a go? Expert Charles Dowding has you covered with this short beginners guide.

No Dig Garden
No Dig Garden

2. Wonky Veg: what is happening to retailer honesty

Food Industry insider Mark Palmer explains why ‘wonky veg’ often isn’t wonky and uncovers the truth behind retailer practices, and the impact on growers..

Wonky Veg

3. So you want to be a farmer? 13 words of wisdom

Grower, food & farming writer and social scientist Chris Smaje presents thirteen maxims he’d like to have been able to pass on to his younger self at the point he started his switch into the agrarian life…


4. Brexit and Agriculture: What happens next?

What does Brexit mean for farming? We are in unchartered territory as our politicians keep saying. Regular Indie Farmer writer and Worcestershire based Organic Arable and Sheep Farmer Melanie Steele recently argued the case for farmers to vote Remain in the EU referendum. In this follow up article about Brexit and agriculture, she and her husband Adrian explore some of the likely impacts of Brexit and where we go from here.

Brexit and Agriculture

5. Why the grass might be greener for a new breed of Sheep Farmers

The past decade has seen consumers develop a taste for single-origin coffee, “premier cru” cider and mineral water with a “terroir”. Phoebe Weston meets a new breed of carnivores who believe 100% pasture-fed meat is the way forward.

6. What the Hell is a Mule Teg?!

Regular contributor and farmer Michael Harding explores the origins of the often intimidating world of livestock terminology and explains what a mule teg is…


7. Data reveals cruelty and suffering of farm animals in UK abattoirs

Vets and meat hygiene inspectors reported more than 16,000 animal welfare and food safety breaches since 2011, unpublished records show. Andrew Wasley and Josh Robbins report

uk abattoirs

8. What is Holistic Management?

First generation farmer Sam Berry shares her experience of attending a 3-day course on Holistic Management run by RegenAG UK..

9. Joel Salatin Interview – Future Farming Systems

We were fortunate enough to interview American Farmer, Lecturer and Author Joel Salatin during his recent flying visit to the UK. We get his views on family farming and technology.

10. Cockhaise Farm: Living the Dream

West Sussex based Organic Dairy Farmer Dan Burdett is looking backwards and forwards at the quietest time of the year as he makes plans for their family farm.

Happy New Year everyone and we’ll see you all in 2017..

Nigel and the Indie Farmer team.