Kiss the Ground

Documentary Kiss the Ground to premiere on Netflix

A new documentary Kiss the Ground is due to debut on Netflix on September the 22nd at 9pm Eastern Time.

The film explores the potential to reverse climate change by regenerating the world’s soils, whilst also producing abundant nutrient dense food. A theme that is close to our heart.

Kiss the Ground is a 2020 Tribeca selected film and was created by Los Angeles non profit of the same name; a collective of regenerative farming teachers and practitioners. The collective hopes to inspire viewers of the film to take action to help regenerate soil.

Woody Harrelson narrates the film. Other cast members include Gisele Bundchen, Ian Sommerhalder, and Mark Hyman.

You can join them along with the filmmakers Josh and Rebecca Tickell for a virtual watch party plus live Q&A on 22nd September at 9 pm ET or 1am GMT. To secure your spot please register here.

Check out the trailer below..

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