Farmerama Radio: Episode 17 – Silo, Ancient Woodland and Joel Salatin

In the depths of the long dark nights we wanted to do something a little different, so we headed to Silo in Brighton to record with special co-host, eco-chef Doug McMaster.

He tells us all about his zero-waste philosophy and how this simple starting point has transformed what it means to serve food. We also hear what it means for a farmer to supply a zero waste restaurant from Silo supplier, Emile Webber and partner Miriam. They rear Large Black pigs at Hathor Farm, part of the Sacred Earth Community in Sussex.

Large Black piglets at Hathor Farm at Sacred Earth

Abby heads to the ancient woodlands of Norfolk to hear from Teddy Brun and son Freddie about the craft of managing these wonderful woodlands sustainably and profitably, now and for many generations to come.

Interviewing Joel Salatin

Over in Gloucestershire, Abby and I headed to a Sustainable Food Trust event discussing the future of livestock where we met Joel Salatin. Joel is a world-renowned alternative thinking mixed livestock farmer from Virginia, we will hear from him over the next few episodes but this month he tells us about his tips for respecting the pigness of the pig and what future technologies he would like to see.

More Information

You can read more about what Joel had to say in our Q&A with him here and find more about the 2-day workshop event here