Farmerama have learned that some of the best economic models for farming copy nature’s clever ways of making many things from the same piece of land.

Stephen Briggs tells us how he farms organic apples and cereals on his 150 acres in Cambridgeshire, and fills us in on agroforestry or ‘3D farming’. We also hear a few thoughts from Ben Raskin who is just starting a new agroforestry project in Wiltshire.

Abby shares a tool she initially created for her family’s farm to help them build a more resilient business using ‘small data’. Now other farmers are using it in the UK and Chile, in particular we hear from Davenport Vineyards about how they have used it to help their organic vineyard prosper.

We finish with a bit of a food sovereignty focus – two reports from different ends of Britain both building people’s food policies. In our divided world we wonder if food and farming could be a web that will connect us all.

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