Because they don’t make ’em like this anymore…

A handy guide to 17 classic tractors we fancy, each with some useful gems of info and a pulling power score – our own indie take on tractor top trumps..

1. Ford 9600 Tractor

The most powerful tractor in the UK when it was released – the 9600 still cuts an impressive figure in the modern world of farming – that’s if you’re lucky enough to see one in the flesh, as they are as rare as hens teeth over here… Pulling Power 10/10

Ford 9600 Tractor

2. International B414 Tractor

Advertised as ‘the tractor with everything I wanted most’ this single clutch model sold well in the UK and they are a common sight at vintage tractor fairs..Pulling Power 7/10

International B414 Tractor

3. David Brown 885 Tractor

A good performer and another favourite at classic tractor rallies..Pulling Power 6/10

David Brown 885 Tractor

4. Case L Tractor

Made from 1929 – 1940 – a true classic and though not a particularly comfortable ride – you needn’t concern yourself repairing punctures…Pulling Power 8/10

Case L Tractor

5. Ferguson TEF 20 Diesel Tractor

Made from 1946-56 and commonly known as the Little Grey Fergie – the clean lines and innovative engineering make this the ‘designer’ tractor drivers choice. Pulling Power 8/10

Ferguson TEF 20 Diesel Tractor

Here’s another one with a rad two tone paint job..

Ferguson TEF 20 Diesel Tractor

6. Belarus Tractor

Made at the Minsk Tractor Works in Belarus since the 1950s. Famed for their basic spec and ‘champion of reliability’ 70s advertising campaign – you don’t see many ‘working’ examples these days… Pulling Power 5/10.Belarus Tractor

7. Massey-Harris Model 25 Tractor 

Made from 1932-46 – the model picture is one of the 14,000 earlier versions painted in the green hue. Pulling Power 6/10

Massey-Harris Model 25 Tractor

8. Fordson Dexta Tractor

Made from 1958-61. Pulling Power 7/10

Fordson Dexta Tractor

9. Allis-Chalmers Model B Tractor

Made from 1936-57 the Model B was designed for the small-farm market with early literature focused on the economy of using tractors instead of horses. Pulling Power 7/10

Allis-Chalmers Model B Tractor

10. McCormick Farnall Super A Tractor 

Made from 1947-54. Pulling Power 6/10

McCormick Farnall Super A Tractor

11. International-Harvestor B-250 Tractor 

Made from 1956-61. Pulling Power 6/10

International-Harvestor B-250 Tractor

12. Fordson Major E27N Tractor 

Made from 1945-52 – was a popular machine and a favourite at classic tractor rallies. Bonus point as my grandfather owned one. Pulling Power 8/10

Fordson Major E27N Tractor

13. Ford 5000 Tractor

Made from 1965-76. A relatively modern classic tractor – you probably won’t remember their ‘Mention our name and get a good seat’ print campaign which extolled the virtues of their cushioned, sprung and contoured tractor seat. As demonstrated below the cab also has more than enough space for a farm dog too. Pulling Power 7/10

Ford 5000 Tractor

14. David Brown VAC 1 C Cropmaster Tractor

Made from 1947-53. Pulling Power 6/10

David Brown VAC 1 C Cropmaster Tractor

15. Caterpillar Tractor

A real head turner and room for a date – Pulling power 8/10

Caterpillar Tractor

16. Muir Hill 121 Tractor (Also known as Muriel) 

Made from 1972 – a British workhorse of considerable size with two large wheels and known for their equally large turning circle. Pulling power 8/10

Muir Hill 121 Tractor

17. Field Marshall

Made from 1945-57 these green beauties are a site to behold at classic tractor rallies. Pulling Power 7.5/10

Field Marshall

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