Meet the men behind Spain’s ‘ethical’ foie gras. Words by Joseph Delaney.

In the first episode of Food Forward, a new series looking at maverick food and drink producers, filmmaking collective Jungles in Paris introduce us to Eduardo Sousa and Diego Labourdette, the men behind the world’s first “cruelty-free” foie gras.

Since 1812 the Sousas have run a farm in Extremadura, a remote part of western Spain, where they have made foie gras for friends and family in line with the seasons and the migratory behavior of geese—rather than by force feeding the birds.

Carrying on the family legacy, Sousa joined forces with ecology expert Labourdette to package this rare commodity in small quantities and export the eponymous “ethical and naturally obtained” foie gras.

This story first appeared on Nowness.

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