Indie Farmer Hamper Boxes

If you think our special edition print journal looks good, wait until you feast your eyes on the range of Indie Farmer Hamper Boxes we're offering up to Indie Farmer campaign supporters....

Print Journal Mock up Designs

This is for all you print lovers (and supporters) out there. Since launching Indie Farmer online back in April I've been hankering to do a print version but being a digital first publication was always going to be the smarter more realistic way to go initially...

Spreading the campaign word…

As with most winning campaigns the best way to spread the word is in person - so Indie Farmer Road Trip postcards at the ready I jumped on Veronica this morning and scooted down to Borough Market to drum up support from indie producers, artisans and retailers (and naturally took a few portraits to make the story more interesting too)....

‘The Indie Farmer Road Trip’ Crowd Funding Campaign is live!

We're live! I now need your help to raise £5,000.00 to take Indie Farmer to the next stage and on the road! It's super vital I get off to a good start in the first 3 days with a target of £1,500.00 (30%) in order to give the campaign the best chance of getting picked up by the media and being really successful!!

Crowd Funding Campaign Video

Not long until go live now! I have been busy putting the final preparations to my indiegogo crowd funding campaign this week and can now reveal my handmade campaign video trailer..

Indie Farmer Road Trip Update

I have been busy working a new phase of my Indie Farmer project and as part of this am planning to take to the road on my trustworthy vespa 125 'Veronica' to spread the word and uncover 'Indie Farmers' up and down the country. To help realise my vision I enlisted the help of a talented London based illustrator Candelaria De La Losa..

Accidents on farms

'Accidents on farms': the statistics are not good. The shocking facts reported in the press. Something that happens to other people, not you or me, isn't it? We all like to think that we are invincible. I am going to share my recent experience with you.