New born calf - Beginner Farmer

Beginner Farmer Blog Update

I have realised my plan to publish a ‘weekly' farm update was perhaps a tad ambitious and thus have decided to move to a more achievable fortnightly format. So...with that little bit of housekeeping taken care of here's a run down of the last couple or so weeks of life on the farm...

Beginner Farmer

My first two months back on the farm in pictures and leg, a tragic local farm fire, sheep work, buying cattle at a livestock market, calving, autumn cultivations and a tractor trundle - just a few of the ups and down's of life as a beginner farmer...

Back on the Family Farm

It didn’t take long to realise that occasional weekends helping on the farm and annual holidays spent lambing haven’t really prepared me for the realities of becoming a full time farmer...

Indie Farm Road Trip Update – Part 5

The final leg of my 6 week indie farm road trip took me to Monmouthshire where I visited a rural skills centre founded by a well known celebrity, an artisan cider and perry producer, two cured meat producers, a horseman in a community woodland before moving onto Hereford and then all the way to East Yorkshire before driving 224 miles back to London in a day!

The Friendly Cow

I noticed that the Friendly Cow was bulling today, so I phoned Fred to let him know. 'Righty Ho. Just pop her down to the corral; put her into the crush and I'll bring the AI (Artificial Insemination) man down.'