Nigel Akehurst

London Kings Cross Skip Garden

We visit the travelling organic vegetable garden in it's current location in an old bus depot in London Kings Cross and meet the team from Global Generation who run the project. We interview Paul Richens, the skip garden's creator and head gardener about how it all came about and also talk to Silvia Pedretti, youth programme facilitator about the educational impact of the project and connecting young 'global generators' with the food they eat...
hiSbe independent supermarket

HiSbe ‘how it Should be’ independent supermarket

We visit the hiSbe pilot independent supermarket store in Brighton and interview co-founder Amy Anslow about the inspiration behind the venture, how the horse meat scandal helped get it off the ground and their sourcing policy of working with local small farmers and suppliers...

small farmers union Defra protest

We meet the group of small farmers protesting outside Defra head office, organised by The Land Workers' Alliance, a newly formed union for smaller-scale farmers. We talk to Jyoti Fernandes, a small farmer from Dorset and member of the union to find out more about the campaign and why she believes more should be done to support smaller farmers..


We spend an afternoon following urban beekeepers Chris and Paul from Barnes & Webb carrying out bee hive inspections in East London. We find out more about the inspiration behind their bee hive rental and honey brand startup, discuss whether the increase in urban bee hives is sustainable and ask if eating their post code honey can help alleviate symptoms of hay fever...

Meet the Craft Brewer – CRATE Brewery

We drop in to see a brew in action at CRATE's new warehouse in Hackney Wick and meet the Head Brewer, Neil Hinchley. We find out about the inspiration behind CRATE and why the trend for craft beer is only getting started - as demand for fuller flavoured beers continues to rise..
The Oxford and Cambridge Goat Race 2014

Oxford & Cambridge Goat Race 2014

We visit Spitalfield's City Farm in East London to photograph some of the highlights of the pun inspired alternative to The Boat Race and interview Anne Hopkins, one of the founders who came up with the concept 6 years ago. We find out about the origins of the event, how the winning time of '&' compared to previous races and their plans for a special guest in 2015 (being the Chinese Year of the Goat)..
raw milk


We visit Longleys Farm in Hailsham, East Sussex to interview Steve Hook, the pioneering organic raw milk farmer and indie film star of The Moo Man. We get Steve's viewpoint on the proven model of raw milk vending machines in Italy, the latest on the FSA's raw milk consultation and find out whether there will be a Moo Man 2. We also get to see where the raw milk and butter is produced, processed and bottled and meet some of the other stars from the film...