Monica Akehurst

The Friendly Cow

I noticed that the Friendly Cow was bulling today, so I phoned Fred to let him know. 'Righty Ho. Just pop her down to the corral; put her into the crush and I'll bring the AI (Artificial Insemination) man down.'

Lookering Cows

A cow swimming in the river, take a second look. You might think, 'It's hot today, perhaps it fancied a swim.' But cows don't tend to go swimming, unless by misadventure. One of our daily tasks on the farm, is to check the cattle that are currently grazing on the Pevensey levels.

Accidents on farms

'Accidents on farms': the statistics are not good. The shocking facts reported in the press. Something that happens to other people, not you or me, isn't it? We all like to think that we are invincible. I am going to share my recent experience with you.